Beach Dance: are you free? will you follow your crazy ideas too? - Lila Danielle

Lilou Mace

The middle place of somewhere. Where exactly is that? Perhaps it's really not a place, but more of a space. A space in which to create, contemplate and crash around in. That's what I do around here with words. Words, whether they've been my own or someone else's, have helped me to see that life is and always will be a space that's between mystery and certainty. 

In the midst of living our lives, middle-aged or not, we search for answers to questions that intrigue, infuriate and inspire us. I think the beauty and meaning of life isn't to figure it out, but to fully live it out. As Rilke says so eloquently, "The point is to live everything - live the questions now." This is all well and good advice and yet we continue our search for answers, often ending up empty-handed and feeling lost. Having been a bit lost myself for most of 2013, I created this space so I might dive and dissolve into words and allow them to illuminate my own curiosities as well as stimulate others who happen to find themselves here. 

In the middle place of somewhere, we're never alone, even if it feels that way sometimes. 
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